According to Virginia State Police, a tractor-trailer traveling westward on Interstate 64 jackknifed during driving across the High-Rise Bridge after hitting a wall sending the cab of the truck to hang off the side of the bridge.

According to the VSP, the crash happened at 08:43 on Monday morning. The trucker was caught in the truck as he was holding up to be released. The Chesapeake Fire Department’s Twitter account shown pictures of one of their firefighters rappelling off the side of Interstate 64 to save the trucker.

The situation happened 70 feet above the Elizabeth River while serious thunderstorms with strong winds, expanding the chance of serious harm. According to reports, the driver was out of the truck and was being tended by medical staff approximately 45 minutes after the crash. The driver was taken to the hospital and is being treated with non-life-threatening conditions.

Alcohol was not a figure in the crash. Boone was wearing his seat belt and isn't facing charges at this point. The investigation is not finished yet, and it hasn’t been decided how much harm was done to the bridge during the crash, according to VSP.

The Virginia Department of Transportation reports the truck was taken from the bridge just after 10 AM but it can still bring delays in the near future. VSP is investigating everything that has happened.