The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Wednesday, April 8 extends hours of service relief declaration to May 15. Initially ordered March 13, the declaration gives relief from hours of service directions for drivers reacting to the COVID-1. The initial declaration was to run out Sunday, April 12.

In addition, the organization said the extension covers liquefied gasses to be utilized in refrigeration or cooling systems.

The announcement applies to drivers delivering:

Medical supplies and gear related to the testing, diagnosis and treatment of the COVID-19 coronavirus

Equipment, supplies and people essential to set up and oversee brief housing, quarantine

Food, paper items and other basic supplies for crisis restocking of distribution centers or stores

Supplies and gear — e.g. masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, cleanser and disinfectants — vital for community security, sanitation, and avoidance of community transmission of COVID-19

Raw materials, such as paper, plastic or alcohol, required for the make of basic things

FMCSA emphasized that the crisis declaration does not allow driver alleviation from regulations such as speed limits. Drivers are not excluded from requirements relating to commercial driver licenses, drugs, and liquor, perilous materials, size, weight and registration requirements.

Motor carriers cannot require or permit a fatigued driver to drive a truck. A driver who tells a carrier that he or she needs quick rest must be given at the slightest 10 hours of rest before returning to work.