According to the website The Morning Call, Walmart has temporarily shut down one of its eCommerce distributions centers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It happened after a ninth confirmed case of COVID-19 at the center.

Walmart Global Communications spokesman Kory Lundberg confirmed that all operations at Bethlehem facility were suspended on Wednesday evening. He also said that Walmart will be still delivering orders to the rest of the distribution centers to make sure that customer demand is fulfilled during this harsh time.

“Our associates’ health is crucially important to us,” he said. According to his words, during the time of suspended operations, the company will make a few adjustments to the way it operates and some specialists will have the whole building sanitized.

“When associates return, they will see some changes made with their well-being and safety in mind — including free access to gloves and masks, as well as temperature checks and health screens before every shift — consistent with new policies Walmart announced for all U.S. associates this week,” Lundberg said.

In March, Walmart put into action a COVID-19 leave policy. It means that now all employers who are showing coronavirus symptoms have to stay at home and the company guarantees to give the help and support that they might need. Moreover, this policy will pay two weeks of payment of the worker must be in quarantine by a government or Walmart request. Also, any employer who has a confirmed case of COVID-10 will receive up to fourteen days of pay.

As CNBC reports, Walmart started checking employees' temperatures at all stores and distribution centers on Tuesday and anyone who shows the temperature of more than 100 degrees has to stay home.

Ukrtransport INC follows similar policy and we regularly check all our employees to make sure they do not show any coronavirus symptoms. Stay home, stay safe!